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Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 1:30 p.m.

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Nowadays bookmakers offer many types of odds and types of bets, each of which has its name. In this article, we're going to answer a popular question: what do plus (+) and minus (-) signs mean in sports betting?

What does +100 or -100 mean in sports betting?

A plus or minus sign and a three-digit number indicate the odds of winning at US bookmakers (you can find the rating of the best on Meta.reviews).

The value of the odds with a plus sign is the amount of potential net profit that can be made on a bet of $ 100. For example, odds at +125 mean that a bet of $ 100 will generate a net profit of $ 125. The total win in this case is $ 225 ($ 100 stake + $ 125 net winnings).

The value of the odds with a minus sign is the amount you need to wager to get a net profit of $ 100. For example, odds at -120 mean that a bet of $ 120 will generate a net profit of $ 100. In this case, the full payment is $ 220 ($ 120 bets + $ 100 net winnings).

What does +1.5 or -1.5 mean in sports betting?

A plus or minus sign and a fractional or whole one or two digit number (for bets on the grand total in basketball) usually mean a handicap bet.

Handicap is a bet on the victory of a specific team with some adjustments. The handicap is added to the final result and if the final result is in favor of the selected team then the bet wins.

Take the Manchester City – Sunderland soccer game, for example. If the player bets H1 (-1.5), if Manchester City wins the game by 2 or more goals difference (2-0, 3-1, 3-0, etc.), the player wins. The bettor loses if Manchester City wins by only 1 goal or doesn't win at all (1-0, 0-0, 1-2, etc.).

Now consider the game Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid. The bet is H2 (+1.5). The bettor wins if Atletico Madrid win, draw or lose by only 1 goal. The bet will lose if Real Madrid wins by 2 or more goals difference.

The peculiarity of handicap betting is that bookmakers define each sports competition as a 50/50 competition with equal odds, adding a point advantage to one (usually the underdogs) at the expense of the clear favorites of the game. It can be said that this way the odds of the bettors are somewhat even, leaving them to focus more on luck than on the skills and experience of the sports team.

Types of disabilities

  • A handicap can be an integer: (-1), (+1) and so on. With such a bet the player can achieve a return if, for example, he bets for the first team on -1 and wins it with a difference of only one goal.
  • A handicap can be a fraction: (-1.5), (-2.5), (+1.5), (+2.5) and so on. In this case, a return is only possible if the game is canceled.
  • Positive handicaps are usually given to a clear underdog. If a player is betting on the victory of an underdog with a handicap (+2.5) and the game ends with a minimal victory for the favorite, the bet can be said to have won.
  • The negative handicap is placed on the favorite. So if a closer has made a bet with a negative handicap (-1.5) and the game ended with a landslide victory for the favorite, the bet wins.
  • The essence of zero handicap is that the player wins if the team they are betting on wins and gets a refund if the game ends in a tie.

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