The unemployed handyman's spouse opens a Surat Information gambling den at her dwelling


Surat: To offset the financial losses incurred by cutting her diamond man during the lockdown, a 43-year-old woman opened a gambling den in her own residence in the posh Diwalibaug neighborhood of Adajan.
Detectives arrested Ranjan, aka Dimple Mehta, along with seven others who gathered in their apartment to play cards. Police also arrested the woman's brother-in-law, Dinesh Shah, 55, and his son Varsad, 26, as well as other defendants from the home on Saturday.
Police recovered rupees 79,721 worth of cash and cell phones from the defendant.
The woman told the police that her husband, Abhinesh, had been unemployed for several months. “The family faced a serious financial crisis last year. He recently got a job as a diamond polisher but earns Rs 15,000 a month, ”said one police officer, adding that the defendant said that this meager income was insufficient for them due to the year-long financial crisis.
The defendant Dinesh Shah, husband of Mehta's sister, is an ordinary gambler. He told Mehta that she can make money by making her home available for gambling purposes. She agreed and started inviting the other defendants to play when Abhinesh was absent from home.
Shah runs a luggage shop in Varachha and invited his friends to play at the woman's house. They played for playing cards. Other defendants arrested are textile traders and diamond brokers. “We received specific information about the apartment that is being played in. We caught the defendant playing, ”said the police.