The California cops are persevering with their gambling robberies on alleged “slaphouses”


Posted: Feb 13, 2021 1:16 am.

Last update on: February 13, 2021, 01: 16h.

About 70 people were arrested this week following a police raid on an alleged illegal gambling company that operates as "Slaphouse" in Anaheim, California.

Police officers in Anaheim, California are preparing to raid a suspected game stand shown here. About 70 people were arrested. (Image: KCAL)

According to the police, several slot machines and firearms were confiscated from the construction site on Wednesday. The business is said to have run as a furniture store.

When police first stepped into the operation, suspects broke windows at the crime scene to escape the store and ran across the street to disperse. KCAL, a local television station, reported on a video they watched.

The raid came after police monitored the furniture store for two months, according to the Orange County Register.

The authorities recently received a search warrant. SWAT officers and other personnel then boarded the company.

Police told the newspaper they had recently received over 50 complaints about the store they searched Wednesday. It has been described by the authorities as "24-hour operation every day".

Slaphouse explains

"Slaphouse" is the term used to describe an illegal gambling operation found in a residence or business. KABC, another local television broadcaster, stated this in a recent report.

The name refers to players who “hit” the controls in some games.

Slaphouses are often hidden in abandoned businesses or operate on a storefront of a seemingly legitimate company.

They are often sources of related criminal activity, police reported.

Neighbor allegedly raided Slaphouse in October

During an October raid, Anaheim police arrested about 70 people at a suspected slaphouse adjacent to the raid on Wednesday. About 25 of them were cited later in 2020, for example for alleged drug offenses or for gambling.

Thirteen have been booked at Anaheim Detention Center for more serious crimes, including arrest warrants, parole / probation violations, and gambling violations. Anaheim Police Sgt. Shane Carringer told back in October. Their cases have been referred to the local courts.

That shop front was empty, but used to be a hydroponic store, police added. Police confiscated over two dozen video game machines and electronic gaming tables in October. The currency was also confiscated from this alleged gambling joint.

Carringer noted that three handguns and a "variety of drugs and drug paraphernalia" were found at the suspected gambling site.

Officers used lightning strikes to startle the crowd initially. The company was described by KCAL in October as "a closed storefront for an off-site hydroponics store".

In January 2020, the Long Beach Post, another California newspaper, reported that several illegal gambling operations had taken place in the Long Beach area over a period of 12 months. They were found in an empty dollar store in Zaferia and an old thrift store in North Long Beach, the report added.

Local police shut down eight different suspected illegal gaming sites between July 2019 and January 2020, the Post said. Visitors were arrested.

According to KXAS, a Fort Worth television broadcaster, authorities in Texas seized 88 illegal eight-line slot machines during two police raids in Hood County last month.