So earlier than you play, give the chances in your favor


2. Perform a misdirection

Most guys are not stupid. You watch your body language to see which partner you are fishing for. Knowing this, you'll need to create a redirect. Pretend you're interested in a partner who you honestly are not. Say something like, "Let's make it easy for ourselves. Hubert and I will just play you guys." It doesn't matter that Hubert is a 14 year old who can't even play with a 25 under the gun. Members of your group will start to think that maybe you know something they don't. Maybe you've seen Hubert make a breakthrough on the track. Maybe Hubert's index was only two shots up on the last revision and that information slipped through the cracks You got the idea. It's all BS, but a distraction like this will put the spotlight on the player you really want.

3. Position handicaps as “leaders”.

Yes, indices are calculated using a complex formula, but this is not an exact science. So every time you post your index or your partner's index, you must add the word "but". For example, "I'm a 16.2-year-old, but I hurt my groin playing pickleball, so I'm 22 years old now." Or "I know Jim is a 13.7, but he's going through his 71 club championship tournament results, so I'll take him at 16." Or the always valuable: "I'm 19 but I didn't have time to enter my scores from my trip to Sandals Jamaica, so I'm only playing with 23." I know this is much digestible, but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Take advantage of the off-season to recite these techniques in the mirror and make 2020 your best year ever!

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