Police bodycam captures second 26 folks caught at unlawful poker social gathering throughout lockdown


The shocking moment police enter a property and find dozens of people have a party was caught on bodycam.

Uniformed officers were called to the apartment in the early hours of Friday after receiving reports there were multiple people inside having a poker evening.

After arriving, police found 26 people inside – who claimed they were having a ‘little party’ because they were ‘really fed up’, Birmingham Mail reports.

The body-worn footage shows the officers knocking on the door at the unknown location, as one says ‘Folks, open the door, it’s the police, we’re not going away, open the door’.

caption: Watch as police break up huge poker party and issue 26 fines inside Birmingham flat

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The door eventually opens and one officer says: “There are breaches of Covid legislation, so we’re here and we’re going to enforce that.”

The video shows all the blinds pulled down, a large group of people are spotted milling around the lounge area with drinks on the dining table.

The officer says: “This is a clear breach of coronavirus restrictions.

“This is ridiculous. Fifteen hundred people died today. All of you are going to be getting a fine for being here.

“We need your details, we’ll process you one by one, then you can go out the door but we need to know who the owner of the flat is.”

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At that point, one of the occupants says: “We’re just really fed up and having a little party, that’s all it is,” to which the officer responds: “We’re all fed up.”

The officers then search the flat and shine a torch on cases of poker chips stacked on shelves. There is also an illuminated tall refrigerated drinks cabinet.

Around 26 fines were issued for Covid breaches during the sting. An investigation is now underway to identify the organiser of the illicit meet-up.

West Midlands Police tweeted: “Thank you to everybody who is continuing to follow the current restrictions by staying at home, keeping their distance and ultimately saving lives & saving the NHS.”