PokerStars is withdrawing from the Full Tilt Poker model on February 24th



okerStarswho acquired the Full Tilt Poker brand and Software ten years ago announced that after shutting down the Full Tilt skin for EU players in 2020, the cult brand will now be closed to the dotcom market.

Any remaining users on the site will be migrated to the global PokerStars platform, reports PRO.

The former home of the legendary nosebleed cash game action will officially no longer exist as of Thursday. While Full Tilt has always had less traffic than PokerStars, it has been known to be home to some of the biggest games and biggest stars in the online poker world.

It's been nearly ten years since PokerStars acquired the Full Tilt Poker brand and software, and five years after the software went under. For the past few years, Full Tilt players have stayed with the brand but played on a thin skin over the PokerStars platform and shared the same player pool, account system and reward program.

This chapter will now close and the desktop and mobile applications will no longer be available.

As PRO reported last month, the brand has been slated to close for some time, but no exact date has been known for the skin to shut down.