Poker League of Nations, Chicago Lighthouse Group for digital poker match


One of the greatest things about poker is the ability to use the game to raise money for charity. Poker players and fans love to come together to raise money for charity, such as an event taking place next week. The poker group Poker League of Nations and The Chicago Lighthouse, a social services agency that helps people with vision problems, are hosting their online poker tournament "Raise the Stakes for Vision" on February 26th.

List of notable names impressive

The Poker League of Nations has compiled an impressive list of professional players who will take part in the event. Two of the most popular world champions in poker, 2003 winner Chris Moneymaker and 2004 champion Greg Raymer, will take part in the poker tournament. They will be joined by the First Lady of Poker, Linda Johnson, and poker pro Lexy Gavin will be reinforced to use her skills virtually.

"We are proud to support The Chicago Lighthouse in our common goal of providing visual impairment to all people, especially minorities and other underserved communities," said Poker League of Nations Founding Ambassador Jeannette Mendez during the tournament's announcement. In addition to being one of the best players in the world, ranked 10th in the world on the Global Poker Index, Mendez is also the Chief Executive Officer of Clear Vision Ophthalmology and works closely with The Chicago Lighthouse.

The Chicago Lighthouse will take place on Friday, February 26th at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time). The virtual “red carpet” takes place. After some introductory commentary and orientation, the cards will hit the felt at 7:10 pm for the $ 100 buy-in tournament played through Zoom. The tournament is expected to last approximately four hours, with a grand prize of $ 5,000, individual prizes for participants in the final table, and a prize pool of $ 1,500 for the last three women entering the tournament.

The Chicago Lighthouse continues the history of the service

The Chicago Lighthouse has been helping the less fortunate for more than 100 years. The Chicago Lighthouse was founded in 1906 and focuses on vision care and rehabilitation for the needy. It offers the opportunity to improve the people's ward through education and technological training. Professional training is offered through The Chicago Lighthouse, while more than 67,000 people receive support through the programs offered by the organization.

Funds raised through Raising the Stakes for Vision will be used in the 40+ programs The Chicago Lighthouse offers to those it serves. Most programs focus on people with vision problems, such as: B. Adult learning skills programs to help people with vision problems live independently. However, there are also programs for children and veterans. The Chicago Lighthouse has also provided more than 750 nearly $ 1 million worth of scholarships for blind or visually impaired students to attend college in the state of Illinois.

For those who want to include their friends in the action, there are rewards for such efforts. A player can receive a $ 25 discount off the $ 100 buy-in by using code CVOEYES25 when signing up for the tournament. A player can also get a free rebuy for the tournament if they refer two teammates who come to the felt and another rebuy if they refer two more. All proceeds from the tournament will go to the Chicago Lighthouse. If you would like to register for the tournament, visit the tournament page here or contact Lindsay Inglis at (312) 447-3448 or by email at (Email protected) to learn more.