Partypoker provides new MyGame Whiz to the net poker consumer


Every poker player wants to improve their game. It is quite common for poker players to use tools like hand histories to review gameplay and try to make different decisions based on certain scenarios. At partypoker, the online poker platform has released a new tool called MyGame Whiz, which players can use to improve their game and make fewer mistakes. The new function is an extension of the MyGame tool and acts as a personal poker trainer.

What is MyGame Whiz?

New players can benefit from the MyGame Whiz tool for several reasons. Since the tool is a trainer, it helps avoid common mistakes. The tool includes one-to-one communication to personalize the experience for each player.

The tool examines each player's style of play, including the way a hand is played. The tool has access to hand history and examines the hands of every player, not the opponent. The personal hand story is used to provide tips and suggestions on how to improve your decision-making skills.

With targeted news, you can make real-time decisions and improve your profit / loss balance. Each player receives messages specially created for him based on table actions. Interactive commentary is also provided as players compete for moves.

With this new tool, you can play, save, and share hands at will. The more hands you play, the more advice you get. This helps in knowing how to strategize based on a variety of poker hand situations.

Another unique aspect of this tool is that questions can be asked of MyGame Whiz. As you ask questions, you are given customized repetitions to help you with questions or advice.

Creating a Poker Tutor

Basically partypoker has created a poker tutor for its members. With instant feedback, it's like working with a real person online. The tool works for each player individually, just like a tutor would do in real life. Any player can work to improve their game, no matter how skilled or experienced they are. The tool is so specialized that it suits your skills.

Party Poker officials indicated that they wanted to develop a tool that players could use early on their poker journey to improve their game. It is especially helpful for players who are new to online poker.

For new players, the tool includes testimonials to help you track your progress. See what you've improved and how you can make changes to improve in specific areas. When you have less time to study the game, the MyGame Whiz does the job for you. Just check the details and you can analyze your game and make smart decisions in the future as you play.

Try the new tool today by logging into the partypoker client. Review your game and see what changes you can make to improve every decision you make while playing in cash games and tournaments.