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On-line on line casino gaming and sports activities betting authorized in Michigan


Me. (WNDU) – Online casino games and sports betting are now legal and within reach in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has authorized eleven operators in the past three and a half weeks.

At noon today, the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians was authorized to join the group through a partnership with PALA Interactive, LLC.

Michigan is now one of only four states in the United States where online casino games and online sports betting are legal.

"You know, anyone in Indiana or Ohio or whatever can download the app, but they won't be able to place a bet until they're physically in the state in which they can," said Michigan Gaming Control Richard Kalm , Executive director of the board, told News Now 16 in a telephone interview.

Gambling.Com's Max Bichsel agrees. “Geolocation technology is extremely advanced. It can tell you where you are within two to three feet, so you have to be within state limits to do it legal. "

Michigan legalized online casino and online sports betting in December 2019, but it's only now that the regulations are in place to go live.

According to Max Bichsel, the move promises considerable returns. “In a state like New Jersey, sports betting had sales of around $ 400 million, while internet or online casino games had sales of around $ 1 billion. So it's pretty extensive. "

Concerns about possible cannibalization of the casino are equally significant.

"There's a different environment. Some people go to a casino for the entertainment value. If you bet online you can play, so it's a little different. At least for now, I don't expect the land-based casino business to ever happen in the next few years will cannibalize, but at some point I expect it to reach parity, ”said Bichsel.

“That was worrying. That there would be self-cannibalization. Because why go to a casino now when you could play all of these games online? “Asked Kalm. "I think the range is 25 to 35 people who are very knowledgeable about cell phones and mobile applications so they can play casino games where they are comfortable."

Under Michigan law, anyone aged 21 and over can gamble online.

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