Do something on women's rights now: Celebrities demand G7 leaders act - Daily Express

Activist Helen Pankhurst, actress Bianca Jagger, Jess Phillips MP and shadow women's and equality secretary Marsha de Cordova were among 24 campaigners who joined in the Wednesday- 4Women day of action yesterday. Their letter demands G7 leaders commit to stopping aid cuts, tackle violence against women, reduce the burden of unpaid care work and domestic work on females, and support women and girls' leadership. Other key figures backing their calls include Tory Baroness Sugg, singer Annie Lennox, campaigner Livia Firth and actresses Emma Thompson and Jodie Whittaker. 

Baroness Sugg said: "As hosts of the G7, the UK Government has an opportunity to ensure the summit delivers for women and girls here in the UK and around the world.

"We are calling on countries to take action to invest in women and stop the roll back on women's rights.

"Women and girls around the world need more support, not less."

Dozens of charity leaders also signed the letter ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall starting tomorrow.

Wednesday4 Women organiser Katherine Nightingale, Care International's head of advocacy, said Covid-19 had "rolled back gender equality by a generation".

Campaigners presented the Government with nearly 70,000 signatories who have called on the UK and G7 to act for females.