Main Irish sports activities organizations are calling for an overhaul of gambling promoting


The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and Gaelic Players Association (GPA) have called for a revision of the rules on gambling advertising in Ireland.

Both governing bodies have introduced independent bans on sponsorship of games of chance and are now calling for legislation to be introduced at national level.

However, the GPA in particular has been vocal in favor of a gambling overhaul, having previously participated in discussions with broadcasters to limit the number of betting ads displayed during live coverage of Gaelic football and hurling.

To speak to Irish news, Colin ReganThe GAA Community and Health Manager argued that further government action was needed and called for an alliance between the various Irish sports federations, not just the Gaelic gaming associations.

"It is time the government duly taxed the enormous sums of money the gambling industry made from Gaelic Games and passed it back on to addiction services," said the former Leitrim GAA player.

“When it comes to gambling, the services on this private island bar are basically null and void. Funds for health promotion programs and initiatives run through the sports network should be earmarked.

"This is not the GAA that is uniquely benefiting from it. I think there is an opportunity for pan-athletic initiatives to address related issues, perhaps with a special focus on men's health issues related to suicide rates."

"A unified voice from GAA, rugby, soccer, athletics, and hockey can reach audiences that public health news simply cannot."

I also speak to the Irish News, GPA Player Welfare Manager Jennifer Rogers expressed support for stricter rules on Irish sports betting advertising.

"This is something we will continue to advocate when it comes to banning advertisements while broadcasting live games," noted Rogers.

“As soon as COVID-19 calms down again, it will be prioritized. We take every opportunity to make change, but our main concern is taking care of the players and making sure the support is there for them when they need it. "