Maybe heads-up challenges and high-stakes duels can give poker a much-needed boost? If that’s the case, and you boxify or UFCize poker with hyped heads-up duels, then why wouldn’t you watch two of the most-known poker pros thrown down for the entire poker world to sweat and bet on?

Despite the seven-figure loss to Doug Polk in their heads-up duel for 25,000 hands at $200/$400 NL, Daniel Negreanu is ready for another heads-up showdown. This time, Kid Poker has his sights set on his friend and foe, Phil Hellmuth.

Negreanu won six bracelets, but has not won one in Las Vegas since 2008 with two bracelets won at international WSOP events including the Asia Pacific WSOP Main Event and the 25K High Roller at the 2013 WSOP Europe. He won significantly more money in tournaments than Hellmuth with $42 million in cashes and ranked third all-time.

Hellmuth won $24 million in tournaments and ranked #21 all-time in tournament cashes. The Poker Brat won 15 bracelets and he’ll be the first one to remind you about his 15 victories. But will he have the stones to play a 25K hand joust against Kid Poker? So far, he has ye to respond to Negreanu.

Hellmuth shared some spicy thoughts about the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu heads-up challenge wen Negreanu lost $1.2 million. Negreanu thought Hellmuth was talking out his arse. He also claimed he’s 29-1 over his previous 30 matches of the heads-up variety?

“I won the last heads-up tournament I played in, and only lost once to Cary Katz,” chimed Hellmuth. “I won 29 of my last 30 heads-ups.”

In the modern-day version of asking someone to step outside, Negreanu went to Twitter to call out the Poker Brat and told him to put his money where his mouth and ego are.

“Yo @phil_hellmuth you said you watched ‘zero’ of the match but seem to have strong opinions on the play,” tweeted Negreanu. “I’ll play you a heads up match live, online, at any stakes you feel comfortable with for as many hands as you would like. Wanna play big guy?”

LULZ to Big Guy. So, will Big Guy and Kid Poker have an old-school heads-up duel? Will it be a quickie over 10K hands? How about bigger stakes? $500/$1000 NL?

Perhaps these two will play in a similar manner to the Polk/Negreanu series, where viewers had multiple options to watch the action for a serious and slightly fun take, or got to pick a different stream whether you liked/hated a certain side you always had a choice for slanted coverage.

Stay tuned for any developments, but this could be a fun match to sweat, hate-watch, or use the proceedings for gambling purposes and prop betting opportunities.