How expertise has impacted the gambling and on line casino industries over the previous 12 months


In the gambling industry, player numbers grew like never before in the last year. An obvious influencing factor was the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures it caused. Boredom and loneliness drove many people to gamble in casinos, and land-based casino visitors turned to online operations.

Aside from the virus, however, advances in technology made a significant contribution to the growing revenue and player counts that the casino industry saw over the past year. We had the chance to discuss some of the new technologies the casino industry has seen with Samuel Richardson, an iGaming expert. Samuel is a developer and you can read more about his work here.

Mobile casino games

In this day and age, people do all kinds of things on their smartphones. Ordering food, watching movies, shopping are just a few examples and it's no surprise that video games and gambling are going in these directions too. Wifi connections are literally anywhere for fast, reliable internet connections. In the UK, all four major networks now offer 5G in selected areas.

Online casinos make every effort to create their gaming apps or optimize their content for mobile use. Sometimes a new game for mobile comes first, and only after that do developers create the desktop version. If you're looking for a fast payout casino that accepts players from the UK, check out our list. As you review each casino, you can see if they provide their own app or not.

Artificial intelligence

AI has arrived in the gaming industry. Almost all online casinos use chatbots that can solve complex problems and answer questions that players often have. This way, players don't have to wait in line to chat with customer support, and get comprehensive answers within seconds.

AI is also found in games and can study player behavior. This way the products can be optimized for the preferences of the players for a much better gaming experience in the future.

Artificial intelligence is also used against fraudsters. For example, some players have been caught using poker bots to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Patterns of behavior that otherwise would not be noticeable can easily be discovered by the AI.

Advanced game technology

Games played over a real-time video connection with a live person dealing the cards have become very popular. People who prefer land based casinos can have a very lifelike experience in live dealer games. Game makers like Evolution Gaming are turning to remote gaming studios with attractive male and female vendors who will definitely improve your mood.

Another big hit for the last year was virtual reality. Some casinos already offer games that you can participate in if you have a VR headset. You can play games like poker, blackjack or video slots. Everything is in 3D and the graphics are amazing. When you're in a VR casino, you can walk around the virtual bar, relax and choose your favorite slot machine, or sit down and play a game of poker and read your opponents' body language.

Even regular slot games have such great graphics that the games are displayed in 3D. The sounds have also improved a lot and games are becoming more and more exciting and engaging, similar to video games.

Blockchain payment options

Cryptocurrencies are the newest payment options in many online casinos. Paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the fastest and safest payment method. Casinos want to encourage their players to pay in crypto. If you choose this option, there are typically no transaction costs and the limits are higher than other payment methods. Another benefit of crypto is the autonomy it offers. Players who do not want casino transactions to appear on their bank statement can now easily pay with crypto. Blockchain technology eliminates the intermediary and the likelihood of hacking and fraud is drastically reduced. More information on how to open a Bitcoin wallet in the UK can be found here.


Changes in technology are having a positive impact on the online gambling industry. The wide availability of smartphones and internet access enables everyone to play online. New technologies such as virtual reality and live dealer games make the games even more intense and blockchain technology offers a secure way of making deposits into player accounts.