Bodog's sports activities recreation motion switches from soccer to basketball


With the Super Bowl teams now set and the big game less than two weeks away, there isn't so much going on in football to get players' attention. There are still plenty of prop bets and futures exploring who could be the strongest team running for the Super Bowl next year, but most players love to see the current action. Bodog has seen NBA and college basketball betting creep in on NFL betting, and that trend continued this past weekend. While the NFL was still ahead despite only two games played, the leadership the league has enjoyed since last September is coming to an end.

Last weekend, 33.98% of the best on Bodog went to NFL games, but NCAA men's basketball accounted for 23.22% of the action. The NBA was up 19.44%, and the combined 41% for hoops stakes took first place in sports betting. The Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) was also up there when Conor McGregor got back in the ring. This resulted in UFC betting accounting for 10.88% of all bets on Bodog.

The NHL is gaining momentum among sports players. The ice hockey league took over 5.83% of Bodog's action last weekend and defeated the German Bundesliga, the FA Cup and the Spanish La Liga. These three split the number of wagers players almost equally and make up about 3.43% of the bets. eSports Soccer was also in the top ten, with the GT Nations League hitting 1.12% of the bets. Cricket and the Big Bash League, which accounted for 1.11% of the action, were barely beaten.

With the Super Bowl approaching and the record bets expected on the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the players gave a prelude to what to expect when the two Conference Championship Games 69.46% of the time Attracted attention to Bodog. The AFC game was an easy favorite with 35.93% of the bets, while the NFC lost 33.53%. McGregor and the UFC also received a lot of attention, with McGregor's match against Dustin Poirier taking up 11.37% of Bodog's stakes. McGregor, who preferred it, fell to Poirier on Round 2, which made some underdogs very happy.

Several NBA games proved very enticing to players, starting with the competition between the New York Knicks and the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. It took 4.36% of the action as the Knicks only got close. The Friday game between the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns, in which the Nuggets repeatedly pounded their opponents last weekend, scored 3.26% of the stakes.

On February 7th, Super Bowl LV will come to Tampa Bay as the Bucs host the Chiefs. It's the first time an NFL team has competed in the championship game in its own stadium, and the game will undoubtedly see a constant flurry of gambling activity by then. However, when it's over, the NBA (and the NCAA's March Madness) will take responsibility for sports betting, with some hockey and baseball betting added on.