5 males plead responsible to unlawful gambling operations in Florence


Posted: Feb 19, 2021 / 4:08 PM EST
Updated: February 19, 2021 / 4:11 PM EST

FLORENCE, S. C. (WBTW) – Five men pleaded guilty on Friday to conducting an illegal gambling operation in Florence County.

The five men are among the nine named in a federal indictment detailing their alleged involvement in an illegal gambling business that grossed around $ 2,000 in a single day.

Tyrone Eaddy, Kenneth Moore, George Dollard, Cliff Cantey and Leroy Barbour admitted in federal court that they "unlawfully and knowingly ran, financed, administered, monitored, directed and owned an illegal gambling business."

The penalty under their plea is a fine of $ 250,000, a prison term of no more than five years, a supervised release of no more than three years, a small special evaluation, and a refund to any victim identified by the court.

Among the four other defendants are Mark Fuleihan, former Lt. Florence County, and Timothy Keefe, former Deputy Florence. Both, along with Sheryl Kirby and Dale Smith, who were also charged, requested a sequel.

Aside from these charges, Fuleihan is also charged with federal obstruction and ethical bribery. The former lieutenant was released from the Florence District Sheriff's office on April 2, the same day he was arrested.


According to the criminal complaint, Fuleihan had three illegal slot machines in his garage in 2015 and also took one illegal slot machine from the evidence building of the Florence County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) and handed it over to a co-conspirator, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint states several times that Fuleihan had confiscated illegal gaming machines from this source and turned them over to a co-conspirator.

The source once said that Fuleihan had seized machines from him / her in Lake City, and a few weeks later the source saw the same machines at a location in Johnsonville operated by the co-conspirator.